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About Us

Dedicated to Excellence in Dance Education

The Dance Den has been at the forefront of dance education in our region. We are the first professional dance studio in Howell, NJ, opening our doors in 1980.


Our Goal

Our goal at the Dance Den is to provide our students with a well-rounded dance education. We pride ourselves in connecting to each dancer and in enhancing their dance technique, self-esteem, and socialization skills.


Our Facilities

Our three studios each feature annually maintained and refinished oak floors. Each floor is raised to allow our dancers additional support for jumps and to prevent injury. Each studio has eight-foot mirrors that allow our dancers the ability to see themselves while leaping in the air as well as stretching on the floor.

Our updated sound system, featuring BOSE speakers and Apple hardware, allows for high quality music in each of our three dance studios.


Did you see our feet?

Featured on our studio wall is the Dance Den Feet-of-Fame! Each year, our seniors leave their "mark" on our studio. It's a tradition each graduating class looks forward to, and a reminder of all the memories we look back on and cherish.


Meet Our


Our teachers hold certifications and degrees in dance and education and continue to skill build through training and development programs.


Classes For All Dancers

Offering traditional classes as well as specialty classes, we have the right class for every age and skill level.

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