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Recital Events

The Dance Den is proud to produce two recital performances. The first is held in the winter and showcases our performance class and pointe class students. The second is held at the end of the school year and is open to all Dance Den students.


By Audition Only

“By Audition Only” is our winter recital consisting of pointe, performance and competition class students only. This growing recital gives these advanced students the opportunity to showcase their abilities in an additional recital. Dance Den students, not performing and wish to see this recital, receive discounted tickets. 


Spring Recital

Our end year recital is a weekend of joy and excitement to all those participating and observing it. The recital is held in an air-conditioned facility in May or June. We hold 3 recitals and each child participates in at least one. Every effort is made to assure siblings perform in the same recital to allow families to purchase tickets for one show.


In an extraordinary year, full of crazy challenges, getting back to normal dance life seemed impossible at times. One of the biggest hurdles we faced was how to offer our students the performance opportunities they had worked so hard for but still keep the dancers and teachers safe. We were blessed to have the help of neighboring businesses and our supportive dance families. And although a carpet warehouse might seem like the last place you'd see pointe dancers, our winter recital was filled with the same amazing performances and passionate dancers that we have every year. And an outdoor recital gave us plenty of space to keep our families safe and to celebrate another year of great dancing.


Performance Classes

Dancers gain experience from additional on stage performance opportunities.




Advanced classes for students participating in weekend competitions and conventions.

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